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Donald M. O'Brien, Sr.

Don started his career in 1959 as an apprentice in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire at Macalaster-Bicknell doing off-hand work and tooling. In 1961, the Fitzwilliam location was closed and a new company started in Nashua, New Hampshire where he followed with his career until the spring of 1964 when he left New Hampshire for a job in Champaign-Urbana, IL. That is when he began working at the University of Illinois Chemistry Glass Shop. He continued his career there for 32 years until 1996 when he retired as the supervisor and head glassblower. While working at the UofI, he fabricated numerous items that could never be made by anyone else due to the knowledge and abilities that he had. Also, during the time he was working at the UofI, he built and opened his own business first int he basement of his residence and then at a permanent location in 1985 in Monticello where he worked nights and weekends.

In 1988, his son Don Jr. returned to Monticello after becoming a glass-blower to operate the business on a daily basis; his daughter, Anne, also worked there during her high school years as an apprentice. They both continue to work at the business today; Don Jr., who took Don's position at the UofI when he retired in 1996, now works there nights and weekends.

Don worked and operated the family business which fabricates and repairs glassware for companies and universities all over the United States up until the time of his death. He was also a member of the ASGS (American Scientific Glassblowers Society) Midwest Section, but joined the ASGS in 1960 in the New England Section.

Don passed away in April 2006. Both of his children continue to operate the family business.

Donald M. O'Brien, Jr.

Donny graduated high school in 1979. He then attend Salem Community College, which is the only glassblowing college in the United States. He worked at Honeywell Electro Optics Division where he worked on glass to metal operations. In 1986, he went to work for ITT Electro Optics Division. In 1987, he came back to Monticello to work full-time at O'Brien's Scientific Glassblowing. Beginning in 1996, Donny went to work at the University of Illinois Chemistry Glass Shop as the supervisor and head glassblower when his father retired from the same position where he is currently still employed. He is currently working nights and weekends at O'Brien Scientific Glassblowing. In April 2006, O'Brien's became an Limited Liability Corporation and Donny became the Assistant Manager of Business Operations. Donny is a member of the Midwest Section of the American Scientific Glassblowing Society.

Anne M. O'Brien-Murphy

Anne began her apprenticeship as a glassblower in 1986 working at O'Brien Scientific. Anne graduated from high school in 1989. Received an Associates Degree as an Administrative Assistant from Parkland College. Completed her apprenticeship in 1991. In fall of 1993, Anne began working full-time at O'Brien's where she was the Business Office Manager and a glassblower. In April 2006, O'Brien's became an Limited Liability Corporation and Anne became the Manager of Business Operations. Anne is a member of the Midwest Section of the American Scientific Glassblowing Society.