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The Slides Look Killer!

The small and large ones (guitar slides) came out killer, exactly what I was hoping for. Mediums were as expected. Nice work.

O'Brien's Scientific really has it together. The products have been consistent, delivered on time or ahead of schedule. It's rare to find a company that over promises and over delivers. Their customer service is unmatched, communication is crystal clear, they turned our ideas/needs into reality much faster than we could have expected - great job guys!

Danny Songhurst

Songhurst Guitars


O'Brien's Scientific Glassblowing provides all of the Schlenk and custom glassware used in my research group at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Their workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding, and I have never received a broken item in shipment. I highly recommend them over commercial vendors, such as Chemglass and Ace Glass. Their quality, prices, and ability to easily customize orders makes them far superior compared to the competition.

Dr. Scott R. Daly, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

The George Washington University

Satisfied Customer

I'm glad to be able to give you a strong recommendation.

"I have worked with Donny and Anne through both the University of Illinois and O'Brien's Scientific for six years. I have had them repair and fabricate a large number of pieces of scientific glassware over this time - from Schlenk flasks to vacuum manifolds and custom pieces. Without exception, the finished products are works of art, the turn-around time is short, and the pricing is competitive. They have also shown a keen interest to keep my business by responding promptly to my requests and in a friendly manner. I always recommend O'Brien's to colleagues without hesitation."

Joseph Bair

University of California at Berkley

O'Brien's got it right!

I work for a third party moving company out of Pennsylvania. Our principal goal is to crate items of value to their owner and have them transported to a new destination. That transportation sometimes comes with some problems. In this case it was a glass Barometer. This is an integral glass product that is in some cases made to order. In this case it was made by a client's child as a class project. The Barometer was broken in transit. Since it had a sentimental value to its owner it was necessary to see if we could have it repaired. Where do we begin to go to have this item repaired or replaced since it is a one of a kind item.

I was recommended that we try the University of Illinois. We had heard that they have a department that specializes in such things as glass art. We contacted the school but the end of the year was fast approaching and most of the students were either going to graduate of have already left for home for the summer. We were lost, where do we go from here. Google it!! Someone said. So we did. But, who would have thought that we would have found Scientific Glass Company in the same area. That did this type of work or could they?

With that I contacted O'Brien's Glass Blowing who we found on the net. I spoke with Anne and Mr. O'Brien who were most helpful. We sent them pictures of the broken Barometer and they said that this is something that they specialize in. GREAT!!

We had the Barometer transported to O'Brien's and they had it for several weeks. They needed to order some special ID glass tubes for the project. The special ID of the glass piping is critical in the operation of the Barometer. Wrong ID, it doesn't work. O'Brien's got it right. Their work was done professionally and our client couldn't believe that we were able to have the Barometer completely repaired. O'Brien's saved the day not only for us but for our client. That Sentimental item that their child made was back on the wall as good as new.

Thank you, O'Brien's!

Best Regards,

Bill Heine

Parts Specialist

Parts On The Move

A Service of Relocation Mover Services

Fit Perfectly

I received the chimneys and they were exactly what I was looking for and fit perfectly. Looks great in person. Appreciate the quality work, reasonable price, and FAST service.


Jesse V.

(Side note: These chimneys were made and fitted from a sketch, nothing to fit it to in person.) 

Cheaper. Faster. Better.

Every time we get a quote, it comes in under other vendors with a shorter lead time, and O'Brien's work is fantastic. Hard to argue with top quality products at a great price!

Ken Windler, Postdoctoral Researcher

Craftsmanship Outstanding!!

After I received the work from O'Brien's, I was blown away by the craftsmanship that they had achieved for the work that I had them do! I will continue to use O'Brien's for all of my glassblowing needs and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone else!


Pleasure to work with!!

Working with O'Brien's is always a pleasure and we look forward to future designs that we will have them fabricate for us. They have nailed all of the designs that we have had them do and they all meet the strict specifications that we require at our company. We would highly recommend them to anyone that has any glassware needs!!

R. Benderson